Saturday, April 02, 2011

Fiction self-publishing -- THE LODGE

I've decided to e-publish some novellas since it's actually increasingly viable and I've got some stories I'd like to get off my hard-drive.

I put up a website here: (it has a couple labels actually, also works).

The first book is totally nerd-core and was originally provoked by me wanting to do a Scanners-style sci-fi thing but with a gritty approach like the TV series The Wire. I think it ended up being more technothriller than Wire at the end though.

Book is currently up at Amazon's Kindle store and DriveThruSci-fi (the book arm of RPGNow), and should be up at Barnes & Noble's online store before long.

The DriveThruSci-fi store might be less fancy, but if you want to strike a blow against The Man, I've uploaded both ePub and .prc versions there, which will work in a variety of readers. Though, technically, the Barnes & Noble version is supposed to be ePub too.


Jaime_sama said...

Steve, how come these ended up as novellas instead of scripts? Do some stories work better as prose than as a film? Or did you just feel like a change of pace?

Steve Peterson said...

These were scripts but I'm converting them to novellas to see how it works out.

Some of them, like The Lodge, are way too non-mainstream to even get people to read them.

Some of the others do well as films, but if they can get some attention as a short story, then that might help them get made.

But I'll be focusing on stuff that's a little too strange for Hollywood.

If you (or any other friends) want to read anything, don't buy them. Just email and I'll send you a link for Smashwords, which offers the book in a variety of file formats.