Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Law Dude

Former flat-mate Dan Nazer has been proclaimed a:

"...surf law expert..." --

This is due, in part, to his article titled The Tragicomedy of the Surfers' Commons in the Deakin Law Review. In true academic fashion, this has already sparked a debate in the comments section on Dan's blog.

You can't buy branding like that. I can already see late-night ads on local TV with THE LAW DUDE in Copperplate Gothic Bold.

Unfortunately, I don't think The Law Dude would be able to pull off the angry "I will FIGHT for YOU!" attitude that seems prevalent in local lawyers' advertising, nor the "You need to work with a lawyer who has earned your trust by being seen surrounded by faux-leather bound books on TV for many years" angle.

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ScriptWeaver said...

Sorry Steve--

You done been tagged!