Friday, April 08, 2011

13 Blackouts

I've put up another novella on various sites -- this one is a Memento-esque sci-fi thriller, 13 BLACKOUTS:

A troubled young musician has his mind taken over by a sinister alien intelligence that traveled to Earth via radio waves, then in-between blackouts he fights to reclaim control of his life and thwart the alien's plans.

When E.T. arrives, it won't be in a spaceship, but via digital download.

Available at:

Barnes & Noble

(I'll update with links as they come online.)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Lessons Learned

One advantage of writing some of these low-budget films is that you learn your lessons the hard way.

Blockbuster online has some reviews posted, and here's an example:

Awful This movie was stated to be a family kids movie. This had my 6 yr old girl crying all night. Not a movie for kids if they love animals. The quality is horrible.

Who'da thought that killing the dog 20 minutes into the movie might have some undesirable side effects?!

Some reviewers actually do like the emotionality of it -- but clearly several were not expecting the DVD with the cute, happy dog on the cover to turn into a FESTIVAL OF DEATH.

And, it really is something of a festival of death. We start in a cemetery, dog dies around 20 minutes in, then ghost dog and ghost dad *both* leave hero kid at end of movie.

My subsequent kids/family films are a tad less morbid.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Fiction self-publishing -- THE LODGE

I've decided to e-publish some novellas since it's actually increasingly viable and I've got some stories I'd like to get off my hard-drive.

I put up a website here: (it has a couple labels actually, also works).

The first book is totally nerd-core and was originally provoked by me wanting to do a Scanners-style sci-fi thing but with a gritty approach like the TV series The Wire. I think it ended up being more technothriller than Wire at the end though.

Book is currently up at Amazon's Kindle store and DriveThruSci-fi (the book arm of RPGNow), and should be up at Barnes & Noble's online store before long.

The DriveThruSci-fi store might be less fancy, but if you want to strike a blow against The Man, I've uploaded both ePub and .prc versions there, which will work in a variety of readers. Though, technically, the Barnes & Noble version is supposed to be ePub too.