Sunday, December 10, 2006

Final Draft 8? Already?

Crafty Screenwriter, Alex Epstein, recently posted that the makers of Final Draft are now fielding requests for what should go into Final Draft 8.

After downloading the recent 7.1.3 update, uninstalling the old version, installing the new version, then locking up, crashing, and reporting the error to Microsoft, I'm trying to figure out if the snarkier response is:

  1. A working version of Final Draft 7.
  2. Final Draft 6, again, but with a prettier splash page.

A slightly less-snarky response is that Final Draft 6 actually works quite well, and I'll go back to using it just like I've done every other time I've patched FD7. This has led me to wonder how many other people have purchased Final Draft 7 but are still using an earlier version. So I set up a poll:

Do you own Final Draft 7 but use an earlier version of Final Draft anyway?
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Personally, I don't think purchasing FD7 but still using Movie Magic Screenwriter or some other software counts, so I didn't make that an option. This is because we often prefer older versions of one brand to shiny new versions of another, whereas new versions of the same utility software should, in theory, just be better.

Of course, I figure that I don't get much screenwriter traffic nowadays, but maybe the handful of people that drop by will show a trend.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

Man, I'm still using FD 6! Am I behind the times?

Grubber said...

It's funny but I have never understood the whole drama with these programs. The FD7 crashing issue is potentially catastrophic and IS a pain in the arse, but as far as user friendliness I find both MMS and FD quite easy to master and similar in functionality. In all honesty they don't actually do all that much :)

I think my background in hospitality software, using several different programs over several years, makes it easier for me to just use what I have to. I wonder if Christine is the same with her IT background? That would be interesting to know.

I think they could update their spell check to include fuck :) I mean didn't the 80's nearly make that mandatory? :)

Anonymous said...

I am using FD6 for the main reason being I am just spec writing, there isn't anything new in V7 I'd improve on. Plus I read more horror stories on 7 shying me off of even upgrading