Saturday, June 02, 2007

Virginia Update

We arrived in Lexington VA just under two weeks ago, and have been getting ourselves arranged. There's this 10-15 year long period of one's life where it seems you move once per year--and grow to loathe it. Eventually your hatred of moving exceeds your hatred of wherever you're currently located, and that makes it your home.

The photo was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's the most American national park since it is entirely designed around a highway. It's a gorgeous drive, but they've actually got quite a few gorgeous drives around here that don't even need national park level protection.

The theater in town has three screens. So please don't taunt me with the array of films you've seen recently. We just got Delta Farce in this week...

I've got a new advertising slogan: "In the stix? Go NetFlix!"

In addition to the moving, I've been busy for happier reasons too. I've received two screenwriting assignments. They'll both be low budget direct-to-DVD things, but, in addition to getting paid, one of them looks highly likely to go into production at the end of August or in September. Appropriately enough, my first produced film will be a family film, rated G or PG. For this I'm working off the director's outline--so that makes it a little less work and helps, since I've not worked in the genre. This director is also taking one of my others scripts around to try and get it made.

The other assignment is more in my mode, but less certain that it'll get produced.

And I've got to do some re-writes on a recent screenplay--so this'll keep me busy for the summer.


Grubber said...

Congrats Steve!!! That's great news. Hope your script comes off, that would be huge.

That scenery does look fantastic. We're in the middle of a drought, local dam down to 15%, Armmageddony type stuff, so anything green catches my eye lately :)


Steve Peterson said...

Yah -- we're happy to have some green around. Texas had spots of it -- but it was pretty desert-y.

Sorry to read about your parents. That's got to be hard.

Best wishes.

Grubber said...

Thanks Steve, yeah, situation sucks but at least no-one is dead :)