Monday, October 29, 2007

Virginia's Upside

About 17 miles west up the kind of curvy, pastoral road that you normally only see in car commercials, the highway runs up against the Maury River then tracks it for several more miles through Goshen Pass. Up top, that's the river cutting cliffs through the Allegheny Mountains.

Near the end of the pass you turn right down a narrow gravel road and come to a hanging footbridge of the sort that wouldn't make for a very good movie scene. The suspension "ropes" aren't fraying and aren't even ropes -- but instead thick metal cables. And none of the boards were rotting through!

The afternoon sun gave us some nice lighting -- like the above cliff face. We probably got there about one week too late to get the really nice colors. I suspect it gets colder up in the hills so the trees turn a little earlier.

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