Monday, February 11, 2008

Lou Dobbs Thinks that it's 1811

I think I might have to switch to Fox News so that I don't have to be exposed to crazy, jingoistic nutjobs.

I'm exposed to a mere 2 minutes of Lou Dobbs tonight and the subtitle scrolling across the bottom of the screen is "Mexico's Meddling". They're running a report on Mexico's President Calderon, who is roaming the United States shaking hands and doing whatever politicians normally do.

The Dobbs broadcast calls this OPERATION DUAL SOVEREIGNTY.

Let me specify, because any sane person would normally think that this is worry about undue U.S. influence over Mexico. No. It's Dobbs and crew worried about Calderon trying to, I guess, turn the United States into a puppet regime.

Though, I think I've discovered the train of logic.

  • Barack Obama is surging in the Democratic primary.
  • If Barack wins the primary it's highly likely that he'll become president.
  • Barack is a senator from Illinois.
  • Illinois has a GDP equal to that of Mexico. (but, you know, still lower than three other U.S. states).
  • Thus, Mexico = Illinois.
  • Thus, Barack is a senator from Mexico.
  • Thus, a Mexican will be president of the U.S.

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