Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NJ vs NY -- apartment hunting

In the process of apartment hunting for our move. Unlike previous moves we're not going to rent a place based on photos -- so we're dragging all our stuff there then going to scurry around looking at places.

Because Jaru has many very good friends in New Jersey, we're looking at Highland Park. There have been 15 apartments advertised for Highland Park over the last month and we've set up three appointments for next Tuesday to look at them.

Because Jaru's school is in Brooklyn we're also going to look in Brooklyn. There are 100+ apartments advertised per day in Brooklyn and the only guy who replied to my email for an appointment wants God to steal my money.

Brooklyn apartments also frequently want your tax returns, copies of W2s, three months of bank statements (shouldn't have bought all that porn on the ATM card!), and a colonoscopy.


dan said...

Holy crap dude, you guys are seriously considering Highland Park? Apart from the fact that it is in the armpit of America, it's about a 4+ hour round trip from Jaru's school - I suppose it could be faster if she drove but that's no picnic either. Yes, NY real estate sucks but, once the ordeal is over, you get to live in NY.

Steve Peterson said...

Jaru's Zen group is there and they're pretty much her second family -- that's pretty much the main reason we'd end up there.

But, yah, my guess is we'll be in some part of Brooklyn come a week or two from now.

However, CUNY does try to arrange it so that profs can get 2-day/week schedules if they want.

Rick said...

We'd love it if you and Jaru make it back to NJ. What size apartment are you looking for?

Steve Peterson said...

The under $1600 size : )

It's looking more like Jaru's leaning toward Brooklyn now. For one thing, she's excited about the job and wants to be able to be at school as often as needed -- which is hard to do if you're commuting.

Rick said...

I talked to Anthony and he mentioned that getting to Brooklyn from NJ is a very long commute.