Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brooklyn Shenanigans!

It's been two weeks since we finally found a place in Brooklyn and signed a lease -- and, since one doesn't need a car in NY, someone helped us solve the annoying parking problem by stealing ours.

The problem with having your car stolen in Brooklyn is that you park a 5-10 minute walk away on one of a dozen identical blocks and constantly have to move the car around to deal with street cleaning issues so all these blocks start looking familiar since you've parked in them at least once.

And, while I had high confidence that I remembered where I did park the car originally, the fact that the car wasn't there is potent evidence that I'm mistaken. It's either that or, like some incredibly lame light comedy about bumpkins moving into New York, our car was stolen within the first two weeks of being here.

(My actual first thought was towing -- but all the various services have no record of towing the car. Apparently, they don't tow cars in NY until they can make a bundle off the unpaid parking tickets.)

After scouring a three block radius, going to the police precinct, and trying to file a report, I must conclude that I am, in fact, living in some incredibly lame light comedy.


dan said...

Sorry dude. Hope it shows up. A friend of mine here has had the same car stolen 3 times now. Street parking is a bitch.

Where did you end up in Brooktown?

Steve Peterson said...

How's he keep getting his car back?!

We've got/had a 1999 Honda Civic and everyone's said that they're very popular for looting for parts, so I'm not holding much hope for it.

But we wound up in a pretty decent place -- 18th St @ King's Highway. Not trendy and a little downscale, but with a nice ethnic mix, interesting shops, a good bagel place and close to a couple great pizza places -- and a 2 bedroom for 1375. Plus just two blocks to the Q train.

dan said...

He has a Saturn.

1) Very easy to steal.

2) Not really worth keeping once you've stolen it.

Yeah, don't think you're getting your car back. Bummer. Hope it was insured.

Jaime_sama said...

Sorry Steve. :( At least your life is a comedy, not one of your own scripts, which would have had zombies steal your car after eating your brains. Or something.

Anonymous said...

This is why it's a good idea to keep comprehensive coverage on a car long after you drop the collision coverage, even if you're the best driver on the planet. You can usually control how carefully you drive, but good luck keeping animals from walking in front of you, random gravel from messing up your windshield, or some dude from deciding that your car would look better as random spare parts sold to some guy in a chop shop.