Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes Premiere Down 25% -- Heroes fan says "Heroes was on last night?"

According to Hollywood Reporter:

The two-hour premiere of NBC's top drama "Heroes" was down 25% compared with last year's one-hour opener, taking an expected hit following a creatively middling second season and an extended nine-month hiatus prompted by the writers strike.

I found out about the Heroes premiere last night at about 10:05, which, oddly, isn't one of the factors they mention in its ratings decline -- fortunately, there's a repeat showing on the weekend that I can DVR.

This is that mystery period of the year where shows you like may or may not start running at any time. I suspect the big networks have their schedules run by people who still act like it's the 80s when there were only 3 or 4 channels and everyone knew everything that was happening on them.


Anonymous said...

Well, you didn't miss all that much IMHO. I'm even considering giving up on the show now. I guess I'll keep watching for the next couple weeks (if only b/c J is still more inclined to continue watching than I am), but I was pretty disappointed with the two episodes last night. Seems to me that Kring hasn't really learned much from his mistakes last season. Too many characters, too much going on, and apparently no character is ever reliably dead. Even the ones who should be (like Maya, who annoys the bejesus out of me).

Steve Peterson said...

Do hafta say that characters never truly being dead is being somewhat true to the source material.

I've read suggestions that part of the problem the big network shows have is trying to fill that 22-24 episode arc over the course of a year. Thus introducing all these secondary stories and side tracks.

Definitely if you watch an HBO series or basic cable show with its 10-12 episode season, they're much tighter and stick closer to a main plot.

Steve Peterson said...

Finally saw it -- yah, pretty disjointed and burying the good stories under the mass. There's like 6-10 storylines each getting about 5-10 minutes of development. They could just convert the show into a bunch of webisodes!

That said, I did like some of the turns and developments in there. They just need to give the stories enough time to breath.

dan said...

To me it felt like stuff from the first season's cutting room floor pasted together at random.