Wednesday, October 29, 2008

COP DOG YouTube Clips

Kuma's trainer, Sarah Clifford, appears to have uploaded a couple clips to YouTube, so you don't need to go off-site to get the video:

UPDATE Jan 26, 2009 -- a better version of the trailer was uploaded to YouTube, you can even get a high quality video if you want. I've swapped that out below:

The following clip goes in and out of focus a bit. This is the credit sequence:


Anonymous said...

Looks great! (But isn't it Corin Nemec rather than Nemic? Sorry, can't turn off the internal spell-checker... and I used to be a fan of 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose', back in the day..)

Steve Peterson said...

You're right -- I'll point it out.

But it's too late for United Kingdom cable!

dan said...

Dude - great to see your name in the credits, let there be many more.