Thursday, March 12, 2009

15 Days

My dad wrote a little short story a couple weeks ago and I thought it'd make a strong short script (and be really easy to adapt -- all I did was change the formatting!)

So I spent a couple hours re-formatting, showed it to him, and then sent it off to a couple places asking for short scripts. 15 days later and a director now wants to make it.

It took me five years! I'd call my dad a bastard, but I think that might backfire on me in some way.


Mike said...

Bro that stinks. Or maybe you are just better at formatting now than you used to be?

Steve Peterson said...

I need to put him to work writing something longer!

Mike & Marg said...

I always thought your dad was a good writer. Who woulda thunk it would take 40 years for is ambitions to be realized! Maybe you can use him for a reference now.