Thursday, April 30, 2009

Billy Unger Wins and Cop Dog Pandemic

Billy Unger ended up winning Best Performance in a DVD Film at the Young Artists Awards!

He's also in like a dozen movies coming out over the next year or two.

The lead actress, Cassi Thomson, has also landed a recurring role in HBO's Big Love, playing Chloƫ Sevigny's secret daughter.

Finally, COP DOG has spread via cable and satellite to more portions of the world:

-- on DVD in Australia

-- on the Superchannel across Canada

-- and on HBO in Mexico and pretty much every other country south of Texas.

-- but still not the part of North America between Canada and Mexico... I blame Lou Dobbs.


dan said...

That's great dude - I think any acting awards reflect well on the writing - and might give a little boost to promotion as well.

Steve Peterson said...

The upside of the collaborative process is that every gets to take a little credit for anyone's success!

A guy I knew in high school was a producer on MONSTER, and I think that's helped him set up a number of serious dramas lately.