Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Suspicious ballot photos posted by Iran state media?

This item is from Nico Pitney's liveblog at the Huffington Post. It is fortunate for the moral arc of the universe that criminals are, by and large, stupid -- and here they appear to be broadcasting evidence of their own crimes:

12:23 PM ET -- Suspicious ballot photos posted by Iran state media? A reader writes, "I believe this is well worth reporting: many interesting photos are being put on the web as I write, a good number of them published by IRNA itself (see here). These are images from the recent Guardians Council TV broadcast session where they 'recounted' some ballot boxes and found out that indeed Ahmadinejad's votes were higher than previously counted. These pictures show two things very clearly: 1) that a whole lot of the ballots that are being recounted are fresh, crisp, unfolded sheets - which makes no sense, given that people typically had to fold these sheets before they can slip them into the ballot boxes, and 2) that the handwriting on so many of the sheets which are votes for 'Ahmadinejad' are the same handwriting (and very clearly so)."

Pitney goes on to post another item providing more evidence of vast and clumsy fraud:

1:06 PM ET -- Rezai's spokesman claims ballots had similar handwriting. Mohsen Rezai, the most conservative of the three 'defeated' presidential candidates in Iran's election, agreed to drop his official election complaints several days ago. But Rezai's unofficial spokesman Omidvar Rasai charges in an interview here that "between 70 to 80 percent of the votes in some constituencies was written with the same pen and with the handwriting of a single individual."


Mark Fortenberry said...

I'm happy that the world's media is keepin' an eye on them.

I'm even happier that our current administration is remanin' quiet and lettin' the media be the one to apply pressure.

I tend to lean to the quite conservative side, but kudos where they belong: The new administration is doin' an admirable job of of spreadin' good will and givin' the rest of humanity a chance to look at us Americans in a more friendly light.

Steve Peterson said...

Mark! Dude! I've been trying to find you for a while but I think some Fortenberry photographer in Georgia or someplace is the most famous.

Send me your email or Facebook page if you get the chance. And you haven't kept in touch with Horsford by any chance, have you?