Friday, October 23, 2009

Cop Dog download now available at Amazon

Cop Dog is finally available in the United States -- via Amazon's Video on Demand. You can rent it or purchase it via the above links (and the above links are the only way I'll earn 'residuals'!)


Gazza said...

Just rented Cop Dog on Amazon instant viewing. We thought it was great! Not ashamed to say I shed a tear at the end when Robby gets to say goodbye to his Dad. ('Field of Dreams' is one of my favorite films. The end of that always chokes me up too.)

We noticed you managed to get in some real horror-movie scenes, too. Not the ghost dog, that was fine. Rather, the bit about chewing the old gum to find out its flavor. I was hiding behind the futon for that part. Urgghhh...

Most importantly, nice acting on your part. You were so in-character in your key role that neither of us even noticed it was you at the time. We saw your name in the credits and had to go back and check it out.

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks for giving it a watch! I'm generally pretty sappy too, though it took working with the director to actually bring that out in the script.

The chewing gum scene was my favorite idea. The director actually had to fight the producers a bit on that one because they were nervous about having their family film promote dangerous behavior. There's was talk of making the kids spray antiseptic on the gum.

Jaime_sama said...

We busted out laughing more than once. I also really liked the line about children's bravery being paid for in adults' fear. Nice.

Both of the young actors playing the leads were very genuine and likeable (so many child actors come off stilted and cutesy).

I wasn't sure about the dog they cast as Marlowe though - seemed awfully fluffy and adorable to have been a police dog. Couldn't really see him menacing bad guys.

Anyway, we'll just call you Affable Convenience Store Man from now on.