Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPad is Awesome for reading comics

And prices for a bunch of them actually match adjusted for inflation numbers I mentioned earlier.  A bunch of indie and older titles sell for 99 cents.

So awesome that now I want to explore how to get a short indie comic series made.  For nerdy sci-fi/horror and fantasy action stuff this is actually how you get companies to make those movies -- comic first, then screenplay.


dan said...

You know what's really awesome for reading comics? A fucking comic. Sorry, but the iPad really irritates me. I find iPhones irritating and, as far as I can tell, the iPad is just a bigger and even more irritating iPhone (but without the handy phone feature, actually, thanks to AT&T the phone usually doesn't work on the iPhone either).

Steve Peterson said...

Actually I'll probably jump to some other slate sorta device next year when they come out and I've got some more bucks.

But comics kinda suck for reading comics. Nowadays they're all very cinematic and it takes roughly 5-6 issues to tell a story. At $4 a pop the regular issues are more for collectors than readers.

Up until the mid-90s I had a huge collection of comics, but have only bought trade paperbacks of collected series in the last 17 years. Part of that is just growing to a stage where I wanted more reading in the stuff I bought. But part of it is also that comic prices are way out of whack for someone on college or grad student wages. And it didn't used to be that way.

dan said...

interesting - do you still have the comic collection?

Steve Peterson said...

My dad has them all stored in boxes in his garage -- a bunch of stuff from about 1978 to 1992 I figure.

But I think the sale prices for vintage comics isn't what it was. Certainly not compared to what, say, a 1950s or 1960s comic would've been comparatively in the 80s.