Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look for the Crazy

I'm on location for the movie now and the weather is terrific.  First day of shooting is tomorrow.

Which meant that they were casting extras a couple days ago.  They had a general casting call and 350 people showed up.  Who doesn't want to be a zombie?

I'm following the director around trying to learn lessons, and here is one of the early ones:

Various assistants trimmed down the horde to a manageable few and the director starts flipping through their photos.  They're all pretty much right for the part so he focused on their eyes and said "look for the crazy".

You don't want to deal with any more whackos on a set than you're contractually obligated to.


Jaime_sama said...

I was momentarily uncertain whether the crazy might not be an asset to someone playing a zombie.

... Nah.

dan said...

thought you said it was a light comedy?

not that zombies can't be in a light comedy (the undead like a good wisecrack as much as the next person) but I don't expect zombies in my light comedies.

Steve Peterson said...

A more accurate title would be "The Making of Zombie Hamlet" since it's a mockumentary about the making of a low budget movie. The premise was that a film crew goes to Louisiana to make a Civil War version of Hamlet, then loses their funding. But a benefactor gives them a little bit of cash and requires that they add zombies to make it more marketable.

And, I figured I'd beard up to play some civil war zombie in a little scene but it turns out that it's way too difficult to do zombie makeup over a beard. So I blew my big chance!

I don't feel comfortable posting behind the scenes photos myself, but Jason Mewes is in it and posts some updates on his Twitter feed:!/JAYMEWES