Monday, April 04, 2011

Lessons Learned

One advantage of writing some of these low-budget films is that you learn your lessons the hard way.

Blockbuster online has some reviews posted, and here's an example:

Awful This movie was stated to be a family kids movie. This had my 6 yr old girl crying all night. Not a movie for kids if they love animals. The quality is horrible.

Who'da thought that killing the dog 20 minutes into the movie might have some undesirable side effects?!

Some reviewers actually do like the emotionality of it -- but clearly several were not expecting the DVD with the cute, happy dog on the cover to turn into a FESTIVAL OF DEATH.

And, it really is something of a festival of death. We start in a cemetery, dog dies around 20 minutes in, then ghost dog and ghost dad *both* leave hero kid at end of movie.

My subsequent kids/family films are a tad less morbid.

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Jaime_sama said...

I like the guy who gave it 1/2 star because it came up as a search result when he was looking for "Ghost In A Shell."

As far as the aggrieved parents, the synopsis does say that "tragedy strikes..." so if you don't want to show your kids something sad, try *reading the whole synopsis* to find out if something sad happens, instead of going by the cover art...