Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bats and Cats

Having kept up with my friend, Dan's blog, for a while, I liked the way his blog allowed me to follow what was going on in his life. And with more and more friends and family (including me) seeming to scatter over the planet I thought I'd give it a try as well. If nothing else, this way you can find my email address if you've lost it.

Titles are pretty tough, at least in movies I know the formula -- painfully simple and descriptive (eg. Jaws is about a shark) -- but for the nonsense I'll drivel out here I'm rather more stumped. The theme of nonsense helps inspire a title, though; even better, it's in the public domain. So I chose the above snippet from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The full quote is below:
"Do cats eat bats? Do cats eat bats?" and sometimes "Do bats eat cats?" for, you see, as she couldn't answer either question, it didn't much matter which way she put it.

I swear that line is one of the reasons I went into philosophy for a bit longer than was probably necessary. Seems oddly consistent of me too since Apocalypse Now was one of the reasons I joined the army.

Since I want to test out how this looks I'll finish up for now and try to post more later.

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