Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Screenwriting Update

Apparently pre-production on The Sound is thrrpping along -- I'm not sure what word to use because I'm not sure if it's racing speedily toward a Bruckheimeresque explosive extravaganza or clunking and clattering along like most of my cars.

Shooting starts, theoretically, at the end of February. Which still seems awfully quick but I think smaller films are less lethargic. It looks like the producers have decided on a director; I figure once he's in place a lot more pieces will settle into place as well. I'm working with two companies: Fast Carrier Pictures and Velvet Steamroller Productions. The Fast Carrier site has a smallish blurb about the film -- you'll have to dig a little for it, I'm afraid.

Producers are very cagey about the information that leaks out regarding their projects, so I'll let them be the source of public info on what the film's about and so on. Like the army, movie-making seems to be a lot of hurry-up-and-wait; but that gives me a chance to work on some other screenplays. Sorry, Mom, still nothing you could watch though Jaru came up with another suggestion that I probably won't get to until I'm about 50.


dan said...

i found you!

dan said...

p.s. psyched to hear you're getting a script made - the plot sounds fantastic - can't wait to see it - are you going to get to do a hitchcockesque cameo?.

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks, Dan. Yah, it's pretty exciting, but also nerve-wracking. Writers don't get cameo's unless the studio is desperate for unpaid extras or their name is Charlie Kaufman -- sometimes we're not even allowed in the same country that they're shooting it. They're on a tight budget for this so I'm not expecting to be flown out to whereever they'll shoot, but maybe that'll change.