Monday, January 24, 2005

Why Does Anyone Live Outside L.A.?

--probably because a three bedroom house costs around 500,000 dollars there (as opposed to approximately 140k here in San Antonio, TX). But it sure does seem worth it.

I went back to LA just after the rains stopped -- so the sky was sharp blue and, as the plane descended past the San Bernardino mountains for landing, one could see a thick cap of snow on the peaks. Of course, in the lowlands the temperature was in the mid-seventies.

Jaru's mother (my mother-in-law) is visiting for a few months. She also visited this summer when we were in Florida so she's now seen California, Texas, and Florida -- and will visit New Jersey in March when Jaru goes back for Sasshin. I sort of think she should visit New Jersey now, so she can gain a proper appreciation for why Jaru and I are doing our best to not live anywhere north of Berkeley.

I didn't get a chance to meet up with the producers or director this trip. Apparently they're busy, which I think translates as "fighting a lot" (the shooting start date might be delayed until April but that's one of the fighting points). The director seems to have some nice connections on the FX front and if they get things moving smoothly they can score a bargain and get some very talented people to do the work.

Last Thursday they were supposed to have a casting meeting, but that got cancelled. I'm looking forward to hearing what actors they might bring on board. It's all low budget stuff so I'm not counting on anyone famous but they might get a good character actor to play the part of the older professor in the film. Note though, that one of the selling points of a horror film is that they don't really need name actors to find an audience, and horror films that have mostly young characters, like this one, have the added advantage that young actors are hungry and cheap.

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