Saturday, February 05, 2005

Triple Post (1 of 3): The Movie

I was considering writing one long entry but, since this will cover a bunch of unrelated things, I'll break it up into three posts. I figure that'll be easier to read.

Earlier this week one of the producers sent me a list of the nine actors they're considering for various parts and who have expressed interest. I definitely knew a lot more names on the list than I expected for a film with a purportedly $2 million budget, which made we rather curious as to how you can get these people. My guess is they can get relatively known people for two reasons: A) the actual shooting time will be brief, less than a month; so it's not a lot of time out of the actor's schedule. And B) the better known actors might get a chunk of the profits.

Last night the producer emailed me again and said that they had sent offers to two of the people (the actors who'd play the main younger characters). That reduced my nervousness (they're actually spending real money!) but increased my anxiousness, and so I couldn't sleep for a few hours -- which gave me an excuse to play City of Heroes for a while (see above post 3).

Anyway, it's enlightening as to how much one actually can do with a limited budget. Sorry about being so vague about who's on the list. Like W's handlers prior to the debates, I'm working overtime to manage expectations.

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