Saturday, February 05, 2005

Triple Post (2 of 3): Fair and Balanced

Yeah, yeah, not really, I've only added two links -- but probably as fair and balanced as any of the other media outlets.

I added a link to one of my oldests friends' blogs in the friends section, Scott Eiland. He can go a bit over the top when provoked to anger by lefties -- so my more liberal friends might want to take a valium or smoke some herbal remedy prior to looking at his blog -- but he also includes some terrific bi-partisan comments on the great sport of baseball (the only sport you don't actually ever have to watch in order to thoroughly enjoy, perhaps not watching is even a benefit).

I've also added a link to The Conservative Philosopher. There's no shortage of web sources for conservative thought, but it's nice to see what some academic philosophers have to say (and find out who they are). One worrying trend on that site is the tendency toward posts that make general claims about The Left and other posts that extrapolate general claims about The Left, based on the ravings of a few radicals.

There is no The Left just as there is no The Right -- and they should know this because one of the more interesting posts on their site is a conservative defense of animal rights, what I imagine most people associate with The Left. It'd be nice if there was a little more focusing on specific arguments, or claims, or even individuals, instead of trying to detail the characteristics of abstract categories that only loosely, and poorly, map onto reality.

One question I have, is why do so many of the people, both lefty and righty, reserve their greatest hatred and vitriol for, you know, people who are slightly to the right or left of them, respectively? I suppose Pol Pot and Idi Amin are dead, so there's not much point in despising them any longer -- but surely there are worse people in the world than Bill Clinton or George W. Bush.

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