Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Silence?

In the spirit of full access I thought I'd post something now, when the matters are still up in the air.

Last week the head guys dumped the entire production staff, the people I was originally working with. However, they kept the director and quickly called me to say that the film was still going forward, and that it would actually enter pre-production a little earlier but might be delayed by two weeks for filming.

I suspect this had to do with creative differences within the producing group -- which, frankly, just seems odd -- but it could also be wholly political.

Then, on Friday, I found out (unconfirmed) that the boss wanted to delay filming by another 3 months, so the director quit the project.

When bad things happen everyone stops talking to me. I believe there's some complex legal stuff involved but who knows. Anyway, the quiet is something of a confirmation of the unconfirmed report. However, it's also a sign that they're all probably wrangling over the weekend and perhaps into next week -- when I'll finally receive another call that will either pretend that nothing happened or tell me that the project is in serious delay (since finding a new director would easily add another three months in addition to the existing delays).

I also suspect that a collapse of this magnitude might incur some lawsuits -- which would probably mean that the project is completely done for until the option agreement expires.

Regardless, this is probably good training for how volatile this business can and will be. I'm disappointed of course, but not as bad as I could be because I'm rather pleased with a new script I just finished.

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