Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rednecks, Peacocks, and Zen Priests

Looking at myself in the mirror today I discovered that I've become a redneck -- a clean line separates my pallid chest and back from my livid shoulders and neck. Think I'm gunna buy me a truck...

Jaru and I did some driving around Texas this weekend. There's some rolling hill country to the west of San Antonio, cut through with streams and rivers. 45 minutes of driving and you're in pure countryside -- no cars or people in sight.

On the way back we're heading along this two lane road and we see a peacock just standing at the side. Not one of those ratty beat-up peacocks you see in zoos either; this one was pristine. Worried that it'd try mating with a Ford F150 going 75 mph we escorted it back inside a fence. Interestingly, a 2000 Honda Civic's horn sounds exactly like the honk of a peacock. We had a little conversation.

I keep neglecting to mention this, but it's pretty exciting news: Jaru's going to be ordained as a Zen priest. This will probably happen next summer (it takes some time to prepare) and the ceremony will be in New Jersey, so we'll be heading back for that. I plan to learn how to make little cucumber sandwiches with pimento cheese spread and the crusts cut off in order to fit my new role.

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