Sunday, July 24, 2005

Linkage Update

I've updated the links to the right for various reasons.

I've added two new screenwriting links. There's been an explosion of screenwriting related blogs this year (seems you can't shut writers up). Jim Miller at The Awful Writer has posted a couple times here and offers insights on writing and film -- in addition to having a cool blog title. Bill Cunningham at DISC/ontent has extensive experience with a fascinating part of the business, the D2DVD world; he's also a screenwriter and we have a special (but not at all uncommon) connection -- and, yes, we're cool about it.

I've changed the Presposterous Universe link to a Cosmic Variance link -- science now with even more brains!

And I've dropped the Conservative Philosopher link. That place was so bad it scared away all of its own writers -- then the only remaining writers seemed to spend all their time trying to define what the word "conservative" meant, and informing the rest of the unwashed about whether or not they counted as conservative or something else. It's a shame Nozick isn't around any longer. If anyone has a link to some rigorous conservative philosophy pages please throw them my way.


lad said...

Screenwriters do seem to be blogging a lot lately. I started a blog a couple of weeks ago that somewhat deals with screenwriting. I think that we have a desperate need to write with no format and not make any sense. Most of us probably don't make any sense in format though!

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks for dropping a note!

There might also be a bit of a desire for community amongst writers, since most of what we do we do alone. If I had a chance ot write out of an office on a lot I'd take that -- though I'd probably spend all my time at the office bullshitting with others and still do all the writing at home.