Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Los Angeles

I'll be heading back to L.A. tomorrow for about ten days -- from the 20th to the 30th. This used to be a bittersweet experience -- as I would get a chance to hang out with friends, sit in the back yard with the family, eat at Casa Bianca, In-N-Out, Pinnacle Peak, and Round Table Pizza. But it would always be tainted by the wretched, La Brea tarpit like slowness of my dad's dial-up internet connection.

That era has passed! My dad recently upgraded his computer to some ultra-spiffy machine and now has DSL. No more listening to the raspy voice of the modem attempt to woo a few more bytes per second out of Earthlink or whatever other miserable excuse of an ISP he used.

I'll also have a couple meetings while I'm back there -- that'll help reinforce my delusion that I'm a professional.

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