Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How to Tell the Amateur Production Companies

After you send a note saying that a script the company requested will get there shortly, they actually respond with a short thank you email.

Politeness -- the mark of inexperience.


Grubber said...

Thank you very much for your post! ;-)

lad said...

Ha. That is so true. I've gotten very few legitimate responses in my hundreds of query letters and emails. I find myself questioning the validity of each one. It seems that if you treated like crap, then, they are for real. It might be a useful tool to know to be able to make it in the industry-act like you don't care about anyone.

Steve Peterson said...

Ha! Grub.

Yah, Lad, in fact, in a nice corollary to my post I got a brusque 15 word request that didn't even give me their name and immediately thought it might be some slumming bigwig. However, the magic of Google showed it was more of a beginner -- must have been training for the big leagues.