Monday, October 03, 2005

The Road to Utopia Smells of Cow

Our weekend trip this time took us to Utopia, which, unlike Eden, does not keep half its population in prison. I had previously driven past the side roads to Utopia several times, figuring that achieving Utopia really wasn't worth having to make a left turn.

Getting there one travels along about 23 miles of two lane road. We made this trip behind a pair of pickups towing trailers full of cattle at 30 mph. Given the pace and the recently reasonable weather I decided to roll the window down. Jaru got a little tired of the cow smell after maybe ten miles so eventually the windows went up again. Perhaps if the farmers were towing eggplant...

Also, unlike previous trips, we remembered the camera this time. The problem with our camera is that it's one of those wads-of-AA's cameras so you need to pack like a suitcase full of potential acid bombs to take and transfer pictures. That probably has the nice side effect though of preventing me from saturating this blog with even less relevant photos.

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