Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Secret to Productivity

-- is being married, without children, and having your wife go on a trip.

Yesterday I got up, walked to the local store to buy a fresh bagel, came back, toasted it for breakfast, then wrote 10 pages on a new screenplay.

After that I still had too much time so I went to see An American Haunting, since a period supernatural thriller could be interesting, or at least good research, despite its mediocre reviews. I walked out after an hour though because it was a bit tired. I know it's realistic to debate whether or not there are really ghosts doing all this, but I've seen it hundreds of times already so either make it fresh, or at least make it brief. But I was bothered more by the scenes of the 14 year old daughter getting raped by a ghost. It seemed to tread far more closely to child porn than The Exorcist's scene.

So I came back -- walked back to the grocery store for Pepsi, then home to make some spaghetti.

Watched four episodes of Alias, 1st Season, while eating and dicking around on the internet.

The internet dicking about led to the long post from yesterday, and another big post over on Jonathan Tweet's message board regarding immigration policies.

Finally, a couple completed quests in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion -- then print out two copies of a recent screenplay and drop them along with sundry release materials at the post office so that they'll catch the morning truck out.

Single men don't have this much free time, since they're out doing single guy things, and often wasting far too much time trying to stop being a single guy.


Grubber said...

I recently found another way to be productive even with kids :) but you are 100% correct!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I envy those with time.