Friday, June 16, 2006

What Falls Out Your Behind?

I'm walking today and the local paper reports that San Antonio has a $75,000,000 budget surplus.

Meanwhile, my wife's former advisor told her that New Jersey will be cutting funds to the universities again -- this despite having the highest per capita income in the United States.

Frankly, it's a bit incomprehensible where they spend their money. Unless you're a superstar, the pay scale for professors in New Jersey isn't much higher than here (if any higher) -- yet the cost of living there must be close to twice as high.

But I was reflecting on how it seems that San Antonians (and their city) just have money falling out their behinds. It's like -- I've got too much money, I'll need to buy a 5-6 bedroom mansion on an acre of oak-forested land, with solid granite counter-tops everywhere, for $375,000, to store all it. Then buy 4 or so pickups and/or SUVs to cart all that money around.

Even when the gas prices sky rocket and somebody pulls their Hummer (I swear, more here than in L.A. -- but this is also a military town) up to the gas pumps, the most they can manage is mild annoyance at the gas prices because, really, they can easily afford it.


Amiene Rev said...


i am a university student. no fund. no support. only from my parent. but my dad will retired next year. so i like to write. perhap can get few some to pay my academic and college fees.

that's hurt sometimes. :)

Jaime_sama said...

On where NJ spends its $... rianders just regaled us with his theory this week. He says NJ is always broke because they have 500 townships, all within a space the size of San Diego County. But god knows the Metuchen folks don't want to associate with Edison, any more than Highland Park wants to be part of New Brunswick. ;)

Of course he also mentioned the rampant political corruption.

New Jersey: Where not all of the politicians have been indicted yet

Anonymous said...

they charge $250 for a crouton along the Riverwalk restaurants ha

Steve Peterson said...

We're really fond of croutons down here, though...