Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oscar Season Bonus?

One benefit of the Oscars is that afterward some of the more obscure films end up getting screen time in theaters close to you. San Antonio is actually good for getting movies, but I'm hoping that Last King of Scotland and Pan's Labyrinth will end up in the walking-distance theater.

In unrelated news, the street that they just repaved outside our apartment last summer is now being torn up for some reason. Maybe somebody lost a contact. I'm almost certain that the whole roads department in San Antonio is hopelessly corrupt. We moved here almost three years ago and they're still only halfway finished at putting in the interchange ramps at the intersection of two of the major freeways, which they started before we got here.

Another major interchange on the north end of town (where the majority of the development is occurring) also lacks ramps. People tear off the roads at 65+ mph, crowd into street traffic, then make left turns at the lights to get on the other freeway. And all this happens at an already busy intersection. Nobody had the foresight when building the freeway overpasses and such in the first place, that a lot of people might switching between them?

That kind of planning ensures that your cousin who owns a construction company is always at 100% work load.


Anonymous said...

on our street (can see it out my window now if I raise my butt up 4 inches) they have had it ripped up for two months now, left a gaping jagged hole so that cars destroy their undercarriage unless they slow to snail's pace, put up barricades of Road Closed until a truck smashed them down one night after last call... yeah, fun with local construction when the town runs out of funds

Steve Peterson said...

I've known some areas that actually prefer to leave their streets mangled so as to make the drivers slow down -- or maybe it's to make the drivers drop their cellphones...