Monday, March 05, 2007

We're not getting back to nature, we're getting away from people

Jaru has received a tenure track offer from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA -- so we'll be heading there this summer.

As an object demonstration in supply and demand, the salary offered by Washington & Lee is 50% higher than the typical starting salary at colleges in California (such as the state college system), where the cost of living is probably twice as high. One of Jaru's friends was interviewed at a school and the people warned her that she might have a hard time surviving on the salary since the school was in the Silicon Valley.

We'll enjoy doing some hiking up in the woods and hills around the area for a while, but I suspect Jaru might get tired of the lack of ethnic food. One great research item is that a bunch of the houses in the area were built in 1892, so I'll get first hand experience with haunts!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jaru! Great news.

We'll be moving this summer too -- to Ellensburg, Washington. Don't know if I'd actually mentioned this to you: I have a TT job at Central Washington University.

So unfortunately, you guys will end up even further away from us...

Steve Peterson said...

Congrats on the TT job!

Jaru and I actually stopped and walked around CWU on our whirlwind trip through Spokane, Seattle, and Portland the year before last. Should be some nice hiking up in the mountains.

My dad has moved up to a little island right next to Tacoma, so when we head up that direction we'll have to meet up.

Grubber said...

Great news that! I believe VA has some lovely areas.

Hope the move goes well. How far do you have to move? Sorry but I have no idea....about how far you have to move....well life to....well a few more things my wife reckons...just answer the first question :)

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks Dave!

It's about a twenty hour drive, through a couple states we haven't seen yet so that will be a fun trip. Probably very green and lots of trees.