Thursday, September 06, 2007

Evolution Out of Control

Craggy Air tagged me with a meme -- but he neglected to include the rules of the meme! Memes must have rules upon which natural selection can operate, otherwise the following might occur:

1) I have two eyes.
2) Tom Baker is Craggy Air's favorite Doctor Who.
3) Craggy Air spells favorite "favourite", but I translated so that my American friends would understand.
5) Fnord.
6) If you trace all the way back to the original source of the meme you discover that you are supposed to list seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hmph. Just see if I ever tag you again, Peterson. It's clear that you're determined not to take this seriously.

Jaime_sama said...

So, you can take the boy out of annoying grad school, but you can't take the annoying grad school out of the boy...

Strangething said...

I guess I should have posted the rules when I did my seven things. I didn't plan on tagging anybody when I first wrote the post, so skipped it.

Also, my friend (the ferret girl) is not the originator of this one. She just forgot to link back to the one who tagged her.

So, interweb demerits for both of us.