Monday, September 24, 2007


I went through all my old photos and digitized them over the weekend. This way I now have digital copies on hard drive and uploaded to the internet via the very convenient Picasa.

This also makes it easy for friends to go and download any copies of photos that interest them. I've got lots of photos from around 1999 --

The above and others are at my Rutgers 99 Album.

And I have a smaller collection of photos of my Los Angeles friends. Hate to say it folks, but Glendale High School was a hell of a lot more diverse than Rutgers Philosophy.

Most of the photos are made public, so if you want to look at any of the other galleries, feel free.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.

Were we ever that young?

dan said...

Jesus Christ dude, there is something ghostly about those photos.

The grainy quality, the stark and depressing institutional setting and the pale grad students combine for a very spooky tableau. It seems so far away. I feel like an old man looking at photos from 50 years ago.

Pity the Jack-o-tato photo didn't come out better. That was a classic. And photo 14 of Anreas and Susana is really great.

Jaime_sama said...

Ah, X-Files night! The highlight of my social life during the early years of grad school!

Gazza said...

Yeah, for you guys it must be even weirder to look at these. I'm still in the Philosophy game, so although this stuff is old, it still recognizably fits in with my life. But for you three it might look like a rather bad dream that you're thankful you awakened from...