Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Sister the Star

Vanessa gets coverage on the local news in L.A. -- she's the CSI dusting the door for fingerprints about halfway through the clip -- unfortunately, not Youtube so I can't embed the video.

CSI: Fullerton Strikes Again

Monday, September 24, 2007


I went through all my old photos and digitized them over the weekend. This way I now have digital copies on hard drive and uploaded to the internet via the very convenient Picasa.

This also makes it easy for friends to go and download any copies of photos that interest them. I've got lots of photos from around 1999 --

The above and others are at my Rutgers 99 Album.

And I have a smaller collection of photos of my Los Angeles friends. Hate to say it folks, but Glendale High School was a hell of a lot more diverse than Rutgers Philosophy.

Most of the photos are made public, so if you want to look at any of the other galleries, feel free.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wizards Who Specialize in Philosophy of Mind Conjure...

My guess is that strangething already knows about this, but the rest of the D&D folk might like to check out this bag of tricks of Stupid D&D Monsters (via ENWorld). I particularly liked the Room of Death further down the page.

See also the rabbit-duck.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Simpsons Movie Collateral Benefits

The hope I held out in my earlier post about The Simpsons Movie has come true -- our local CW affiliate is now running syndicated Simpsons episodes at 10 on weeknights. Not quite the 2 hours of Simpsons we used to get in New Jersey, but better than 30 minutes a week.

The director told me that November 3 will be the start date for shooting on our little G-rated D2DVD picture. I'll visit L.A. for a couple days while they're shooting, to meet the various people involved and see what's up.

This one looks pretty locked in, unlike the continuing death throes of The Sound. Marvista, the company financing the film, would like shooting to start immediately, but the director wants to spend a little extra time getting things set up right since extra planning really helps when you're working with a lower budget. Marvista's already talking to him about turning right around and doing a thriller -- so this might work out to be a busy year.

When we get closer or when I'm told it's okay, I'll try to share more info about what kind of story it is, maybe who some of the actors are (anyone remotely famous is in it as a sole result of the director having a lot of friends!), and so on.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Evolution Out of Control

Craggy Air tagged me with a meme -- but he neglected to include the rules of the meme! Memes must have rules upon which natural selection can operate, otherwise the following might occur:

1) I have two eyes.
2) Tom Baker is Craggy Air's favorite Doctor Who.
3) Craggy Air spells favorite "favourite", but I translated so that my American friends would understand.
5) Fnord.
6) If you trace all the way back to the original source of the meme you discover that you are supposed to list seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.