Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lexington's April Fool's Day Joke

Lexington is playing an April fool's day joke on us this week -- it's looking gorgeous and trying to convince us to stay!

Two houses from us -- it's some kind of historical site.

Chapel near Jaru's office.

Old rail trestle

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dan said...

are you likely to stay long? - what's the plan

Steve Peterson said...

We're out of here this summer.

Either eeking out a small apartment in L.A. off of savings and little movies, or splitting time between Brooklyn and L.A. Jaru had an interview at CUNY Brooklyn that seems sort of promising.

If her Brooklyn thing comes through I'll still get a smaller place or room in Los Angeles and travel back and forth since it'd be particularly good for the screenwriting for me to spend time there.

If so, you'll have to visit us on both coasts some time!

Jaime_sama said...

on the one hand... best wishes to Jaru that her job comes through.

On the other hand, the bi-coastal relationship always seemed kind of unappealing to me...

I know you guys will work it out either way. By the way, L.A. is reasonable visiting distance for us...

Steve Peterson said...

Since I don't need to be at work on any particular day I could spend two weeks enjoying Brooklyn then two weeks meandering L.A. -- which isn't as atrocious as getting one or two weekends a month together.

Have a good time in Hawaii! We won't make it, I'm afraid, but best wishes from both of us. And I look forward to showing y'all my favorite pizza place.