Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Di Fara Pizza

From Brooklyn and New York

Di Fara is two stops away on the Q train. I suspect one of the ingredients is Crack, given that I can't bear going a week without it. This addiction is complicated by the fact that it's pretty much too busy to eat there Friday through Sunday, closed Monday, and can get sorta busy during the weekdays too.

I suspect it might be the best pizza place I've eaten at, since I'd have a tough time choosing between it and Casa Bianca -- but I grew up with Casa Bianca so that gives it a hometown advantage.


Anonymous said...

Steve, there appears to be green stuff on your pizza. Isn't that a problem for you?

Steve Peterson said...

Basil counts as an herb instead of a vegetable -- and, as a Californian, I'm not allowed to disrespect the herb.

Hafta say though that putting this photo on my blog might have been a bad idea. Now every time I load this page I get hungry.

Jaime_sama said...

Steve, you bastard. Do you have any idea what the pizza situation looks like in Ellensburg, WA?? I'll give you two hints.

(1)It doesn't look like this picture.

(2) Native born Ellensburg dwellers, when asked where to get good pizza, look confused and say "Pizza Hut?"