Sunday, November 30, 2008

Round Table Pizza from Ellensburg WA

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J'aime and Gary have had to suffer a disastrous drop in pizza quality. I'm fond of Round Table Pizza. Though individual restaurants vary, when they're on they're one of my favorites. And 40 minutes for good pizza is an easy trade-off.

Besides -- I think it's legal to drive like 150 in Washington if you're east of the Cascades.


Anonymous said...

Thanks man! We'll try it out and report back.

Jaime_sama said...


We have to go into the Big City (Yakima) from time to time for services not available in the hinterlands (Ellensburg) anyway. :)

Gazza said...

We went there yesterday. There's a photo of our pizza on my blog. We had their 'Gourmet Vegetarian'... It was excellent, so we'll definitely be back. And I promise to get something with meat on it next time. Thanks for the tip!