Sunday, January 16, 2011

Deadly Sibling Rivalry

Somehow the blurb ended up on-line for the next movie going into production:

After a wife and mother falls into a coma following a car accident, her troubled twin sister steals her identity to start over with a new life. Problems arise, however, when the comatose woman's daughter gets suspicious.

Evil twins!  How can that not be awesome?

This will shoot in February, but I couldn't get the timing right so I won't be out there at the beginning. I might be out there again first week of March and catch the tail-end of the shoot, though.

This is one I'm the sole writer on.  However the base concept came out of a kind of machine.  The bosses made up a list of different Lifetime-y concepts (each basically described in about as much depth as the above blurb), then ran them through a sort of internet focus group to see which ones were most appealing to their demographic.  Apparently that makes network executives far more comfortable when they say, "go with that one".

I'll likely be starting in on another one of these Lifetime-style films before too long -- but this time an actual remake of a Lifetime movie from the 90s!  I was a tad surprised too.  TV movies get remade?!

The producers are also trying to get involved with SyFy this year and make a movie for them.  They are desperate to do this because they are all males.

It is hard, however, to get into business with SyFy.  I have a theory that this is because most producers, writers, and directors are male, and if they're going to do a low-budget TV movie, they all want to do something like giant piranha tarantulas.

I know I do.

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dan said...

Glad you're getting so much work even if it doesn't yet involve giant piranha taratulas.