Friday, January 07, 2011

My home away from home?

Park Motel on Google

Adding the text below if you can't read the picture:

JohnPic ‎ - Sep 23, 2009
Hell hole This place is so bad and over-run by whores/day laborers, it's used in tv/movies as a go-to "Crack hotel" Filthy sheets, owners mill around the parking lot at night/early AM preventing any chance at sleep. Dog-faced lady tends weeds on back wall, and screeches like a banshee the minute it's "Chekooooo" time,. Better off sleeping in your car-safer, less chance of scabies. The proverbial "Turd in the Punchbowl" in an otherwise nice neighborhood. Days Inn 2 doors up is a much safer alternative. You've been warned.

Dmitry ‎ - Mar 18, 2008
The worst motel I've ever been... The worst motel I've ever been... If you like japaneese horror films you might like this place otherwise I would strongly recommend to find other place to stay. =)


dan said...

so are the reviews accurate?

I presume you're working on a movie - anything you can tell us about?

I was in LA in late December and realized I should have checked to see if you were in town.

Steve Peterson said...

I'm not yet there. I'll be heading out Jan 29-Feb 5.

And there actually is a movie I wrote being shot (evil twins!) but they pushed back the start date. On a side note, I'm proud that it'll have at least one fan. I managed to fit a suffocation scene into it.

I should be visiting L.A. quite a bit this year so if you ever know ahead of time when you're going I can maneuver my schedule.