Saturday, May 21, 2005

Blizzard for Congress!

I thought I'd try to do some smaller updates more frequently instead of letting those long, vacant gaps appear between posts. It really only takes time away from me reading other blogs anyway.

I've updated the sidebar again, with links to some of my favorite (roleplaying) game designers, and Blizzard Entertainment.

Some time back Robin Laws posted a small discussion of John Paul II as game designer to his blog. After seeing that it struck me that really, our legislative branch has no training for actually making laws. Legal training might tell them what the laws are, or how to write in such a way that those laws are incomprehensible, but there's little actual training available for the making of laws.

Except in game design. Good game designers know the effects their rules will have. They know that their rules need to be fair and balanced, otherwise everyone will carry a monofilament whip. Given that Blizzard can somehow manage to make a game where all nine classes are interesting to play, and have consistently produced games that I enjoy, even though I don't like the genres, I figure it'd be best to simply replace both houses of congress with the Blizzard design team.


dan said...

no post about star wars yet?

Steve Peterson said...

Yah, I suppose that's pretty silly. We managed to see it late Thursday; the theater wasn't even too crowded.