Friday, May 27, 2005

San Antonio Improves!

...Or my subjective evaluation of San Antonio increases after discovering a heretofore unknown fact.

While California Pizza Kitchen is pretty decent it's not quite my style -- and, after having checked pretty much every pizza place listed on various "best pizza places" listings in local papers and online sites only to discover that a lot of journalists like crappy pizza, I despaired of ever finding a decent pie.

But Paul's Pizza Roma has just the kind of crust I like -- crispy with puffy air pockets around the edge. It's pretty close to Round Table Pizza (the Holy Grail of pizza chains) but with a little more flavor to the crust (since Paul's brushes it with garlic butter).

So far my preference ranking goes:

  1. Casa Bianca
  2. Grimaldi's
  3. Delorenzo's
  4. Round Table
  5. Paul's Pizza Roma

While it didn't knock anything off the list, it is nice to have something close.

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