Thursday, September 08, 2005

Paths Less Travelled

When you host a web site or a blog you'll discover that people get to your webpage via some strange routes. For my game publishing, um, imprint, Second World Simulations, I'd get a lot of links via web searches for the Second World War -- and, of course, every site gets more than a few porn links.

The recent one that disturbed me involves the phrase:

How to Eat Cats

What's more disturbing is that, as of this posting, I'm the first link in the search list!

It's as if MSN Search is declaring that I am an expert on cat eating and my blog is the foremost place on the internet to discover information about this culinary treat.


Grubber said...

It could be google suggesting your blog changes and goes the vertical structure route, and expand to include articles about eating cats. ;-)

You are just lucky they used the term cat, otherwise you would have had about a million hits in a day methinks!

Steve Peterson said...

If I went the cat eating blog route I do wonder what kind of Google ads I would scare up.