Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why I Hate Television

The inundation of ads for My Name is Earl worked on me -- this looks like the role Jason Lee was born to play and I swear a couple of my friends (er, and maybe me) have grown up to become this guy.

So Tuesday rolls by and I forget I'm in the central time zone -- and the show's already over. I believe it is on later tonight, like 11 o'clock (er, EDT) on Bravo. Let's see if I manage to remember.

However, that's not so bad. My Name is Earl is an episodic comedy. I'd like to see the premeire but I could probably drop in the second week without feeling my latent obsessive-compulsive desire erupt.

Last week I spent some 5 days or so eye-blastingly tethered to my monitor while I watched the entire last season of Lost on DVD. Amongst other talent, Lost features Terry O'Quinn -- a favorite amongst escapees of the Rutgers philosophy program. (Chris Carter must have the best casting director in the universe--seems all the secondary roles and walk-ons in X-Files and Millenium were terrific).

But the Lost season opener also seemed to be showing at central time in Texas. So now I've got to wait one full year--while studiously avoiding any mention of the show--before I can catch this season on DVD.

Some day, TiVo, you will be mine...


dan said...

you've gotta get outta texas steve - there's nothing cool in the central timezone

but take pity on me, australia just had the lost season 1 finale a couple of weeks ago

Anonymous said...

Earl did not impress...a victim of Overhype to me

Steve Peterson said...

And I missed Earl again -- part of what bugs me about TV is that I don't want to have to organize my life around it, thus waiting the year for DVD.

I believe North Dakota has The Mystery Spot -- and that's pretty cool...

K.C. Baxter said...

"And I missed Earl again -- part of what bugs me about TV is that I don't want to have to organize my life around it, thus waiting the year for DVD."

Become a member of Yahoo for free. Go to "My Yahoo" and you can program your tv listings to fit your local cable or satellite into the page and everyday it will automatically post the listings to your "My Yahoo" page.

This wasn't sufficent every time, so I found out that you can look up your favorite programs and add them to "My Calendar" section of "My Yahoo" page which will send you an email reminder the day of the show.

The Awful Writer said...

I caught Earl on Bravo and was underwhelmed. The ads were better than the show. Still, I'll give it a couple more eps before giving up on it.

Steve Peterson said...

Okay -- caught the last ten minutes of Earl tonight.

Unfortunately, those seemed to be the ten minutes where the show went into "important social lesson" mode and taught me the value of working with family to quit smoking.

I wish Hollywood was less original and just made a bunch of Seinfeld knock-offs.