Friday, November 04, 2005

Congrats to Expo 4 Finalists

Congratulations to the people who advanced to the final rounds of the Screenwriting Expo 4 Screenwriting Contest.

My script only got up to the quarter finals but I'll be mentioning that when I send out query letters -- so we'll see if that helps it garner any extra reads.


dan said...

what's with the graciousness?

fuck them - what do they know about screenwriting?

p.s. just got home from the pub and your anti-spam comment test is almost too much for me right now

Steve Peterson said...

I was hoping the anti-spam thing would be even more understandable after a healthy night at the pub -- honestly though, I tried just doing the delete thing for a while but I could see the spammers growing more persistent.

Contests are the one bit of fairness in screenwriting -- if you have lowest common denominator tastes you can do relatively well with straight up query letters, but not so well in contests. Writers with real taste have a better shot in contests, but struggle more at the query stage (I believe at any rate).

Grubber said...

Congrats Steve! 1/4 final ain't shabby at all!

ScriptWeaver said...

Some advice (if you haven't done so already)--

"Quarter" is so arbitrary.

You ARE a finalist! And that's exactly what you should put in your query letters. I do. What do they know?

And don't you want to slim down your letters any way possible? So, yeah - delete "quarter" and put an extra adjective in your logline.

Like "voluptuous."