Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Don't Be Boring

One of my junior high teachers had this advice for the young men getting ready to date:

Whatever you do, don't be boring.

I rented a couple films recently -- the relatively famous (or notorious) Old Boy, which was cool and disturbing. Since it's relatively famous I won't say any more.

And the somewhat less famous Necropolis Awakened. My video store has an excellent selection.

Necropolis Awakened was made for something like $7000, or so I read, and the cast consists almost entirely of this one family.

The dad plays two parts (that's him doing the hand above) -- but I didn't realise that until after I finished watching and looked it up an IMDB. He plays both of them, um, with gusto -- so wildly overdrawn that they develop an insane believability; I served with a couple guys in the Army like this.

The film-makers also do remarkable work with what they have -- actors can all play multiple parts since anyone can be a zombie by tossing on some fake blood and gore. Even the car chases work to an extent, emphasizing engine sound to help give a feel of speed.

Finally, I liked the mishmash of story -- zombies hire gangsters to take out crazy hermit (with the hand) then hermit goes all Mad Max and cleans up the town.

I watch a fair number of often forgettable low to high budget horror films -- this is one I'll remember.

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