Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hope I Die Before I Get Old

The above cartoon is via Slate and reminds me why I like The Who.

My guess is that at least 50% of the 40+ year olds running this country can't balance the country's checkbook, can't figure out good ways to finance social security, medicare, farm subsidies, and foreign adventures without raising taxes or cutting any one of those sacred cows (but no problem at all cutting higher ed funding), and simply disregard any studies, intel reports, or science that interferes with what they prefer to believe.

I've been contemplating a vampire or similar story focusing on young vampires who have to sneak around and overthrow the elder vampires -- who survive by cannibalizing their children. But a story so transparently metaphorical for American environmental and social policies would be too on-the-nose.


Martin said...

Steve. I believe that "they" want people to be stupid. We need donkeys here too. Especially if we kick out all the illegals. Who else is gonna work for low wages? :P

Steve Peterson said...

Struggling screnwriters will!

My adventure on the rails has wiped out! Amtrak called me today saying that flooding in West Texas means they had to cancel the Saturday train, and that I couldn't get another ride until next Thursday. I've got a couple meetings so I'm switching to the plane.

I'm sort of thinking that it'd be hard to get repeat business if you tell your customers that their trip will be delayed for a week.