Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vampires on a Plane

I refreshed my InkTip listing for my screenplay RED SKIES just this week hoping that I might parasite off the opening of Snakes on a Plane to get some people looking for this kind of script:

On a transpacific flight, a group of survivors must band together, led by CAITLYN -- an ex-army medic -- and JENNIFER Yiu -- a level headed flight attendant -- to hold off a crazed vampire long enough to land. Their one advantage: flying west into the setting sun triples the amount of time they have before nightfall.

I had written this last summer based on a short story I wrote some ten years ago (but, in the story, the vampire was a plane). I still like the original idea but it doesn't work well in a movie.

From a producer's point of view, I wouldn't have wanted to start up a monster on airplane movie with the SoaP juggernaut looming over the last couple months -- but I hope that after the wave passes this weekend RED SKIES might have a better shot.

P.S. Samuel L. Jackson's appearance on the Daily Show was the best movie-pimping talk show appearance ever.

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Anonymous said...

good luck, I just uploaded to Inktip this week too