Monday, February 13, 2006

About this Katrina Report... ooh! Shiny!

A myriad of highly critical reports about the federal response to Hurricane Katrina comes out and the press manages a wonderful job of staying focused.


Gary Bartlett said...

I just have this image of a White House meeting a week or so ago:

ANALYST: "These Katrina reports and wire-tapping hearings are starting to look worrying. We need a distraction. Dick, you're up next on the roster; you're gonna have to take one for the team."

CHENEY: "How about if I arrange to have *someone else* take one for the team? Could even be a lawyer if I work it out right."

ANALYST: "Sounds great. Just make sure it looks good. You might even act a little reticent afterwards to draw 'em in. You know the media love it when they get the feeling you're holding something back."

Steve Peterson said...


Have to admit, given the myriad of stories breaking this week, from torture photographs to former flunkies going into whistle-blowing mode, one can't help but have SOME suspicions -- unless you're a reporter for a major news network of course.

Thank God for crazy, ranting bastards on the internet and access to foreign news online.